Project idea

The knowledge about other culture and tradition, the chance to compare customs, religions, cuisine, lifestile etc. is a way to understand other people, to be friends with them, to be tolerant to differences, to know that all people are unique and valuable. It is a way to know that there is a place for all the people on Earth.

The specific focus is that the students should get new knowledge about other countries, nature, heritage, culture and traditions and present theirs to other people. The students should learn some customs, songs and dances, some traditional games and how to cook some traditional dishes of partner countries.

Our towns are small. Young people have no chances to meet others their age from other countries. They can't exchange experience and communicate in person with other pupils. A lot of students havenít travelled at all. We would like to support our students to spend some time abroad and to meet with other young people and their culture.

Our students are between 15 and 19 years old. They are able to understand similarities and differences between people, accept and respect others, be tolerant and live in peace.