9th -13th Sept 2013

Calarasi MD

Meeting in Moldova

Until 15th November


Materials for calendar 1 holiday/mount from each partner

Until meeting in Romania


Presentation about country, Easter and Christmas tradition, wedding and baptizing

December 2014

Intorsura Busaului. RO

Meeting in Romania

Until 20th Jan 2014


Cookery book

- 2 soups

- 2 main dishes

- 2 deserts

- Easter menu

- pictures for each recepies

Until 20th Jan 2014


Material for brouchure

-          general information 1 page A5/per country

-          national symbols 1 page A5/per country

-          season custom /1 custom per season/ 4 pages /one per custom/ per country

-          monuments 1 page A5/per country

-          1 religious holiday 1 page A5/per country


February 2014

Popovo BG

Meeting in Bulgaria

March 2014

Each country

Exhibition with all ACES materials

10th March 2014


Final report /about activities and financial/ scaned all teh documents


Final products:

-          Calendar

-          CD with all presentations

-          Cookery book

-          Brouchure